Looking after your health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Taking care of your health at work seems more straightforward than it is, especially if you have specific health requirements, such as food allergies.

Allergies to certain foods, dust, pollen, dogs, cats etc, are a horrendous misery for anyone who suffers from them. Allergies are caused because of an immune system disorder.

The body’s immune system reacts aggressively to the allergen and releases into the system neutralising chemicals (including histamines).

A normal healthy immune system is there to provide a barrier to disease and possible infection. It provides a system to keep you well and shuns things that can harm your body including bacteria, drugs, dust, dead cells, pollutants and viri to name but a few.

If you suffer from any kind of allergy, especially food, you should be particularly careful in looking after them in places where you are sharing as communal space such as the workplace.

Here are some steps you can take to ensure your workplace meets your requirements and more information on allergies at work.

Dealing with allergies at work

Almost 3% of adults in the UK suffer from some kind of food allergy. That’s just under two million people!

So it is important that places of work have the right measures to take care of their worker’s health and safety when it comes to food.

There are a number of things you can do to ensure your health is taken care of in all instances, especially in the workplace.

While it seems unlikely, Food is often an issue in the workplace, from office functions to conferences and business trips, and simply using communal kitchens, food safety is something that is overlooked.

If you suffer from food allergies, it is important that you make everyone in your office aware of these allergies so that you can feel reassured that people are being cautious with their food.

A Guide to Food Safety and Hygiene at Work | RS Components

What can you do to make your workplace suit your health needs?

One way you can do to make your workplace suits your health needs is by requesting the food provided by your has allergy-free options, for example, nut-free foods or dairy-free milk alternatives.

Many workplaces use catering companies for their food.

Whilst most good catering companies offer alternatives for those who have specific food requirements, it is important that your work informs them of any allergies within the office and request that they avoid using these ingredients all together.

Find out your workplace food health and safety regulations

It can be hard to find your workplaces’ exact policies on specific issues such as food regulations and health and safety.

Most employers will provide you with this information, should you ask for it, although you can get into contact with the health and safety board provided by the government if you are having any problems getting this information.

Workplace health and safety standards information